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New Peyronies Device Added to Extender Line Up

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X4 Labs Peyronies Professional Edition extender Has been launched and its selling well. See details

Price Hike Coming Soon To X4 Labs!

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That’s right, we will be raising the prices of our extender models soon. What does it mean? All affiliates make more money!!

X4labs updates to maximize conversion

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X4labs Have Updated their  Website! Let us know what you think.

We know our members put a lot of time and effort into increasing their conversions . At CashAssociate we listen to our members request and being in the great position we are in, took a lot of our member advice and comments and gave it to the  X4labs team; with that said they have gone out of their way to  update and tweak

They have introduced the new 52 way quad support that is included free in all packages except the Starter.

The 52 Way Quad Support System includes the following:

1 Quad Support System Support (4-in-1)
2 Additional Silicone Comfort Straps
2 Additional Silicone Harnesses
2 Velcro Straps
2 Additional Comfort Strap Memory Foam Pads
2 Additional Silicone Harness Memory Foam Pads
Includes Ultra-Revolutionary 52 Way Comfort Strap System!


The Gold Premium also offers a $150.00 discount

The Girth base option is also included.

You can see the new buy and learn more pages which are more streamlined and user friendly.

These are just a few of the many updates X4labs is doing to increase sales all round.

Please let us know how we’re doing. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations, and if we are successful, we’d love for you to share your experiences with us and the world.

X4labs introduces the new 52 way Quad support

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The X4 Labs™ 52 Way Quad Support System is the greatest advancement in penis stretcher technology, and has been developed to improve comfort, increase results, and eliminate all slippage. The key to its success is its 4 in 1 support system that provides unsurpassed results for penises of any shape or size. There is nothing else like it on the market. Providing unmatched customizability, the 52 Way Quad Support System, includes a revolutionary 52 Way Comfort Strap, Cord and Velcro System with 4 slits as well as 4 holes in the base, allowing for multiple harnesses to be worn simultaneously.

Anti-Penguin 2.0 Guide

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Rules to live by.

Don’t Spam and don’t Spam.


*Anti-Penguin 2.0 Guide*
There are multiple detailed steps provided in the guide. In short, the strategy includes the following steps:
(1) Building the most complete list of backlinks to see where a site is vulnerable.
(2) Removing links that no longer exist to get a clear picture of what your site is currently up to.
(3) Spotting and marking any suspicious links in the profile – the guide will show which links can be viewed as suspicious.
(4) Finding links with irrelevant anchor texts as anchor text diversity and relevancy is one of the key concerns associated with poor link profiles.
(5) Checking out-of-hand links manually to spot the poorest ones and start the removal process with them.
(6) Contacting webmaster of linking websites to request link removal.
(7) Eliminating keyword stuffing and duplicate content issues to make the content more Penguin-friendly.
(8) Keeping track of the ranking change, both for the curated and competing sites.
“Penguin 2.0 is neither the first nor the last search quality update from Google,” says Aleh Barysevich, CMO, Link-Assistant.Com.

Promote Sinrex 3+3

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sinrex promo

Offer your visitors the most amazing deal ever seen  on the number #1 selling Sinrex Male Enhancement pills.

Let them know when they buy a 3 month supply they get an extra 3 boxes for the best deal.

Promote Sinrex 3+3 now before this great deal is all gone.

A look at Traffic

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Like most internet business models, affiliate programs and their promoters rely on internet traffic to their websites to survive, grow and prosper. It is, quite literally, our lifeblood. There are, of course, good and bad traffic, and everything else in between. The challenge is always to get the best-quality traffic as possible, while paying as little as humanly possible for it.

In effect, what you want is to drive a Ferrari, but make the monthly payments of a bottom-of-the-line Nissan for the privilege. It is possible to do so, but it takes hard work and dedication.

But what are the factors associated with getting good traffic to your site, and more importantly, getting it to convert and buy? In some industries, traffic sharing and exchanges are still viable (and sometimes the norm), but in the niches in which we work, thorough research and the quality traffic that comes with it are more likely to generate the profits that will not only allow you to survive, but indeed to thrive. Continue reading “A look at Traffic” »

5 Ways to Succeed as an Affiliate in 2013

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The new year is underway which means it’s full steam ahead on your 2013 goals. If you’ve been trying to make it as an affiliate but haven’t hit it big yet, then one of those goals is probably to achieve some success in affiliate marketing.

Here are five tips from the CashAssociate team that will be crucial to your success in the coming year: Continue reading “5 Ways to Succeed as an Affiliate in 2013” »

Post Penguin Survival for Affiliates

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Post Penguin Survival for Affiliates

Post-Penguin Survival Guide

Google’s Penguin update hit gaming affiliates harder than almost any of the company’s previous algorithm updates. That’s because Penguin targeted a number of SEO practices, like paid link networks, that weren’t necessarily considered black hat. Continue reading “Post Penguin Survival for Affiliates” »

Why You Should Be an Affiliate Marketer

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Why You Should Be an Affiliate Marketer

 Why be an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the world’s fastest growing and best internet marketing techniques to earn money online and I will explain why: Continue reading “Why You Should Be an Affiliate Marketer” »