Anti-Penguin 2.0 Guide

Rules to live by.

Don’t Spam and don’t Spam.


*Anti-Penguin 2.0 Guide*
There are multiple detailed steps provided in the guide. In short, the strategy includes the following steps:
(1) Building the most complete list of backlinks to see where a site is vulnerable.
(2) Removing links that no longer exist to get a clear picture of what your site is currently up to.
(3) Spotting and marking any suspicious links in the profile – the guide will show which links can be viewed as suspicious.
(4) Finding links with irrelevant anchor texts as anchor text diversity and relevancy is one of the key concerns associated with poor link profiles.
(5) Checking out-of-hand links manually to spot the poorest ones and start the removal process with them.
(6) Contacting webmaster of linking websites to request link removal.
(7) Eliminating keyword stuffing and duplicate content issues to make the content more Penguin-friendly.
(8) Keeping track of the ranking change, both for the curated and competing sites.
“Penguin 2.0 is neither the first nor the last search quality update from Google,” says Aleh Barysevich, CMO, Link-Assistant.Com.