5 Ways to Succeed as an Affiliate in 2013

5 Ways to Succeed as an Affiliate in 2013

The new year is underway which means it’s full steam ahead on your 2013 goals. If you’ve been trying to make it as an affiliate but haven’t hit it big yet, then one of those goals is probably to achieve some success in affiliate marketing.

Here are five tips from the CashAssociate team that will be crucial to your success in the coming year:

1. Pick a strong niche. If you want to earn large amounts of stable cash, you need to choose a powerful niche with mass appeal and stable revenue share. Male enhancement is a great example. As long as men exist, they will be looking to improve their performance in the bedroom. Don’t just pick an affiliate program that’s “hot” and build a long term asset.

2. Choose the right CPA Network. A CPA network should serve as your partner. Make sure you deal with a network like CashAssociate that has a reputation for both high revenue share and quality affiliate programs. You won’t be able to build a business with a CPA network that may not be around in a month.

3. Know your product inside and out. Learn everything you can about your niche, product and affiliate program. Talk to your CashAssociate affiliate manager, do competitive research and immerse yourself in your product. For example, if you’re going to promote male enhancement products, you know you’re targeting males, but what age? What do these men do for fun? How could a male enhancement product make them happier?

4. Work on scaling. The best way to get the most out of your revenue share is to increase the number of people that buy from you! Look at the big picture and take steps that will help you reach the maximum number of people. It seems basic, but many affiliates spend far too long chasing a few pennies when they could shift their focus, target larger groups and rake in dollars.

5. Don’t give up. Ever. You need to commit 100% of your energy to your success and persist through any obstacles. Nobody was born a successful affiliate marketer or had their success handed to them. Seasoned veterans of any affiliate program will tell you they had more than their share of failures, but their perseverance helped them push over the humps and break through.

Here’s to a profitable 2013!